Creating successful teams

Creating successful teams by making the team greater than the sum of its parts, is my forte.

The aim is the same no matter whom I coach: Creating a successful team.

Getting everyone to improve their performance, understand their goals and each other’s to achieve better understanding and improved results. Is what I do - both as a coach and as a management consultant.

Over 27 years of experience

Over 27 years of experience as a rugby coach nationally as well as internationally. I now use that experience as a consultant.

I have coached players and coaches of different ages and of different cultures.

I have coached players and coaches of different ages and of different cultures.

But the approach needs to be tailored and able to change to accommodate different cultures and ages.

For more than six years I have used my coaching experience as a consultant. Basically, a rugby coach and a manager want the same:

  • The team to strive for the same goals
  • Knowing their role in the team
  • Making the team greater than the sum of its parts
  • Setting and achieving high standards



You need to get the mindset right
To get results like that you need to get the culture of the team right. With the right mindset you can achieve almost anything.

Most managers know where they want to get to. I can help you get there.

Skillset and structure are vital to success. However mindset is by far the most important component.

Of course not only the mindset of the team needs to be right. The most important mindset is the mindset of the manager.

My background
During my many years of coaching I have used this approach to achieve success with my teams.

  • Developing a local player base and an academy youth system at Ciencias Rugby Club in Seville
  • As forwards coach to the Spanish national team, playing in international competitions and the Europe challenge cup
  • Identifying and developing talent in Northampton Saints RFC and Leicester Tigers.
  • Stepping into relegation zone teams and taking them up the table.

But most important:

Making hundreds of players of all levels do their best, work towards the same goals and achieve more than they thought they could.

I can help you do the same for your team.

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