The change

Time for a conscious change?

When life continuously presents you with obstacles rather than support your success. When you can hear yourself continuously postponing your goals, postponing focussing on yourself, your happiness. Then it is time for the conscious change!

Perform your best

Through awareness, honesty and acceptance, I help people and businesses achieve their goals while performing their best.

A clear and transparent culture helps both you and your team achieve your goals and improve your performance professionally as well as personally.

In order to thrive while being successful, you need synergy.

Compliance between:

  • what you say and what you do
  • what gives you energy and what demands your energy
  • the time and effort you spend on taking care of business, you spend on your private life and on your health.

Commit to your change

Making a change or committing to a personal change can be most unsettling, for some it is in fact terrifying. Whilst you might be saying goodbye to a bad or even a destructive habit, you are saying goodbye to a habit; something you know, something you might have learned to rely on.

However, unresolved conflicts and unhealthy patterns can turn into life-struggling dilemmas. It can attack your physical health and impede you from doing your job as well as living your life.

So, take a stand and commit to the change that will change your life forever.


The ringleader

In my experience our ego is the main instigator, the ringleader, the mastermind. Our ego, our patterns, habits, culture and traditions are what feed and maintain our conflicts, what obstruct us from being successful both professionally and personally.

We are all unique

Your problem, your dilemma, your current conflict; whatever at present is knocking you out or making you unhappy is exclusively yours.

We tend to expect our neighbour, our family our friends to be like us, to have the same knowledge, to live by the same standards and to act accordingly to our own moral code. But no matter how much we look alike or seem to agree, we are all different.

Your solution

My approach

  • I see the bigger picture,
  • I look at the wider context,
  • I appreciate the distinctiveness of your predicament.

It is perfectly fine if you don’t know exactly which change it is, you need to commit to. If you know you want a change and you can feel the need for change, I can help you with the particulars.

To help you find your solution, your tailored approach we will

  • look at your choices,
  • look at the constellations around you,

find which destructive and negative patterns or behaviours need to change and be replaced by what.

Employing a healthy change

If you are ready for a change, ready for awareness, honesty and acceptance I can help you employ a healthy and enduring change.


Contact me via email or by phone 07568 512 634 

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