The story behind our name

If you know rugby you sure know about the legendary team, The All Blacks. During the world cup in England in 2015 Jon Curry spent an afternoon with the team’s sports psychologist, Gilbert Enoka “The Custodian of Culture”.

The meeting with Gilbert Enoka had a major impact on Jon. Because Gilbert Enoka was able to crystallise the way Jon has always been thinking and acting as a coach and consultant:

Skillset and structure are very important, but mindset is the key to success. You must work with the culture within – no matter if you are working with groups, a couple or an individual. If you get the culture right, you can achieve almost anything.

Goes for both

This way of seeing things and working with personal and professional growth goes for both Hanne and Jon and our cooperation.

Ahurea - human growth

Ahurea is the Maori word for culture. AHUREA is the name of our company, because being aware of the mindset within your everyday culture is the key to personal and professional development and growth.

Core values

  • A   Awareness: Awareness in everything – what you do, why you do it, how you do it. When you become more aware of yourself and your habits your foundation starts to get stronger.
  • H   Honesty: Authentic relationships are essential in order to thrive and enjoy everyday life. Be honest about who you are, what you want and why.
  • U   Understanding: Be curious in order to truly understand you have to be curious and listen.
  • R   Respect: Respect yourself and others when you respect all of you, it becomes easy to respect others.
  • E   Emotions: Emotions are all around us embrace your own and respect those of others.
  • A   Appreciation: Embrace the treasures and teachings that life brings you.


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The story behind